Just Review is a project started in 2016 by a group of students at McGill University associated with .txtLAB@McGill, a digital humanities laboratory for studying literature and culture using computational and quantitative methods.

As a group, we decided to create a new project centering on the question of gender bias in book-reviewing culture in Canada and the United States today. Our goal is to use research to help instigate change within the world of literature and publishing on the subject of gender.

We hope to combine research and advocacy to inspire editors, writers, and readers to make changes to the current system of book reviewing.
Our research suggests a strong presence of gender bias when it comes to the selection of topics surrounding books to be reviewed. Writers of different genders are not only apportioned different levels of attention in book reviews, but are also aligned with specific topics or matters of concern.

We understand this bias to have negative consequences, such as the perpetuation and construction of harmful normative expectations of gender, the reinforcement of the gender binary and an exclusion of voices.

Using a unique approach of both qualitative and quantitative data we hope to provide tools to help identify and be aware of such bias, and to move towards a climate in which all genders can write about any topic and be met with reception, reviewing and recognition that is without disparity.
You may reach us by e-mail at: justreview.txtlab@gmail.com